Old Metairie Listings Frightened Hipsters

Hipsters Beware: Old Metairie Listings Are Cool

Hipsters fear it, Millennials over look it, I love it. Old Metairie is the place to be, and I’m going to live here for as long as I can imagine. In today’s blog post I’m going to argue the case: Old Metairie is cool. Being able to get to anywhere else in the city in twelve minutes or less suits me just fine, suburbia or not. I love selling real estate here, and I’d really love to help you buy your first, second, or tenth home in Old Metairie.

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Tips for Selling Your Home: De-personalizing

De-personalizing couldn’t be more important in selling a house. People want to buy a house that they feel belongs to them, not to you. Get your house sold as quickly and efficiently as possible so you don’t find yourself shivering under your covers at night, wide awake, wondering when the next potential buyer will call your agent for a showing.