moving to new orleans

Moving to New Orleans

Moving to New Orleans presents has exciting options from renting to buying. From traditional-historic to ultra-modern living, the Crescent City beckons!

buying a house during coronavirus

Buying a House During Coronavirus

As a broker, I want to protect my clients, my agents and myself. In today’s post, I advise clients on safety tips for buying a house during coronavirus.

Rental Scams

Rental Scams

Rental scams happen when either a property owner or potential tenant misrepresent themselves. Rental scams also misrepresent the terms and availability of a rental property. Fake ads and fake responses to rental ads can hurt both tenants and property owners.

renting in mid city

Renting an Apartment in Mid City

Throughout my years of selling real estate, Mid City has by far been a favorite. I have seen it blossom into what it is and what it is becoming, and the mixture of folks who live there is a delight. The mix of homeowners and renters are about even, so my renter friends: if renting an apartment in Mid City …

Buying in the Best New Orleans School District

Buying in the Best New Orleans School District

My first question is: do you have kids? If so, then it probably matters a lot. Our city is a private school-heavy city because we have historically had a very poor public school system. However, that is all changing. Both Orleans and Jefferson parishes have really stepped up their game due to a particular Mr. John White. He has transformed …