Faubourg Marigny Homes for Sale

Faubourg Marigny

Want to live in New Orleans’ original suburb? Faubourg Marigny traces its history back to the city’s earliest days, when Bernard Marigny de Mandeville became the first plantation owner to break up his land into smaller lots for newcomers and those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the French Quarter – or the Vieux Carre. This funky neighborhood serves the same purpose today, but it’s no sleepy backwater area. Instead, the Faubourg Marigny is a perfect place to live, work and play, with scores of offbeat restaurants, cool shops, art markets, lively clubs, local artisans' galleries and unique bed-and-breakfast concepts – in particular on Frenchmen Street and adjacent roadways. At the same time, the rest of what New Orleans has to offer is just a quick street-car ride away. Let's explore the neighborhood and check out current Faubourg Marigny homes for sale.

Geographic Boundaries of the Faubourg Marigny

This triangular-shaped neighborhood’s boundaries are Esplanade Avenue on the west (or upriver) side, Rampart Street and St. Claude Avenue on the north (or lake) side, Franklin Avenue on the east (or downriver) side, and the Mississippi River on the south side. The area is bisected by Elysian Fields Avenue, the first New Orleans street to extend from the riverfront all the way to Lake Pontchartrain. Check out the listings below to see the latest Faubourg Marigny homes for sale.

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History of the Marigny

When Bernard Marigny realized in 1805 that he could make more money subdividing his plantation, rather than farming the land, the eccentric Creole initially subdivided it into very modest lots. That was perfect for quaint Creole cottages still found dotting local streets. In time, residents combined multiple lots in order to build larger homes, initially in the Greek Revival style. Marigny sold lots to French speakers, whether they were white or freed African-Americans, establishing a friendly multi-cultural vibe you'll notice when checking out the Faubourg Marigny Homes for Sale.

A railroad built on the neutral ground in the middle of Elysian diversified the area economy, bringing an ever-more diverse group of newcomers. Irish and German families arrived, followed by Italians and Germans, many of whom were employed by the Columbia Brewery in the 1890s. The area experienced difficult times beginning in the 1950s, as population trends shifted to suburban living, but rebounded into the ‘70s. The Faubourg Marigny was granted protection through a special historic preservation zoning ordinance in 1971, becoming the first to earn this designation since the Vieux Carre Commission was created in the ‘30s. That led to renewed interest in protecting this neighborhood’s history and timeless appeal. Today, the Marigny is one of the best-preserved 19th century neighborhoods in the country.

Architecture Then and Now

The Faubourg Marigny homes for sale feature scores of delightful Creole cottages as well as ornamented single-story houses that are just one-room wide. Called “shotgun houses” locally, the latter eventually became the most common type of New Orleans home in the 19th century. Two-story mixed-use buildings house corner stores below and desirable apartments above. There are also notable examples of Greek Revival, as well as Queen Anne and Eastlake-style Victorians throughout the neighborhood. It all gives way to brick warehouses closer to the Mississippi, recalling the Marigny’s earlier era as a manufacturing hub. Today, the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts is housed in some of them.

Features of the Neighborhood


Neighborhood art galleries and distinctive antique stores offer options for every price range, from thrift-store chic to museum-quality pieces.


The Marigny is also home to some of New Orleans’ trendiest restaurants, where inventive chefs reinvest and reinvent the local cuisine before happy diners’ very eyes.

Bars / Live Music

Jazz clubs line Frenchmen Street, offering a blend of big-name acts, imminently discoverable locals and up-and-coming stars of tomorrow.


The Marigny is part of the New Orleans Public Schools System. The former Colton Middle School on St. Claude Avenue is now a charter school in the Knowledge Is Power Program, a network of open-enrollment free college-prep learning institutions found across the U.S. Colton has also served as an arts center, transforming into work space for dozens of local artisans.

Explore the Faubourg Marigny Homes for Sale

Home to a number of locals’ local favorites, the understated Faubourg Marigny offers the best of both worlds: Plenty of local charm, without the hustle and bustle of the tourist district. At the same time, this neighborhood is literally right next door to the French Quarter. Like everything else in New Orleans, this is a suburb like no other. If you’re interested in checking out the Faubourg Marigny homes for sale, our team can help you find exactly what you’re looking for and are ready to start looking with you today.