Home Valuation

If you're thinking of selling your home, you'll want to know what it's worth. Online services like Zillow are notorious for providing quick, but often widely inaccurate values.  We've worked with clients who   listed their home based on inaccurate estimates. This creates an emotional tug-of-war that often ends with the property selling for less than if they had priced it more accurately from the start.

Online price generators are data points for home sellers as long as they realize they're working with ballpark figures and inaccuracies. Only a real estate professional who is actively working in their client's neighborhood has the tools and experience to calculate an accurate home value. Realtors provide apples to apples valuation.

We're happy to help you get the balling rolling in determining how much your house is worth in today's market.  To get started, tell us a little more about your property. While we're working on our side, you'll be provided with a list of similar properties for sale in your area We look forward to working with you!