About Liz Wood Realty

There are hundreds of New Orleans real estate brokers. There are thousands of New Orleans realtors. Liz Wood, owner of Liz Wood Realty, wanted to create something slightly different. That  is how Liz Wood Realty came to be. Working at both small and large firms helped her craft her “must” and “must not” practices in her own firm. As a New Orleans real estate broker, she wanted to have agents on her team who not only love New Orleans but also live the lifestyle.  New Orleans realtors should reflect the culture of the neighborhoods in which they do business. Liz says “It’s imperative that New Orleans realtors know the different areas. This knowledge is important when helping clients who are moving here from out of town or into an unfamiliar neighborhood.” There are two non-negotiable aspects of her brokerage’s culture: be knowledgeable, and be customer service focused.

The History of Liz Wood Realty

Liz Wood Realty opened in early 2016 as a one-woman company. Since then, she has added several agents and the firm continues to grow. According to Liz, she wants to remain a boutique firm, and wants quality to come before quantity regarding agents and transactions. “I’ve seen what happens in groups where the clients are a transaction number and the agent is a dollar sign.I have no interest in operating that way. I want our clients to come away from a sale feeling like they’ve expanded their circle of friends.”

New Orleans Realtors - How Are They Different?

When you meet New Orleans realtors (if you don’t already know one - or ten) you will more than likely be bombarded with unusual questions that reflect just how tightly-knit our culture is. Who makes your favorite king cake? Do you like Crystal of Tabasco hot sauce? Jazz Fest or French Quarter Fest? 

You will also be asked where you went to school, and as I said in my blog about school districts, we mean your high school. Additionally, as you drive around with your realtor, you will be coached on how to properly say street names...a little differently. You thought it was pronounced Calliope, like the musical instrument. We meant “KAH-lee-ope.” Here, Burgundy does not sound like the color. It’s “bur-GUN-dee.” You need a New Orleans realtor in your life to help you with these adjustments to moving here. We love and are proud of our special New Orleans culture. You’ll just have to trust us. It’s for your own good.

New Orleans Real Estate Brokers - Aren’t They All the Same?

As I said earlier, there are hundreds of New Orleans real estate brokers from which to choose. While our agents need to be totally focused on our clients, the brokerage is focused on our agents’ quality of life... Happiness is infectious. When our agents are happy, our clients have a better experience. While some brokerages turn up their noses at leases, we’ve seen lease clients turn into buyer clients through the proper coaching. Because we see each other and our clients as people who are looking for the same things in life: happiness, comfort, security, we tend to be more successful. When an agent is looking for a brokerage to call home, he or she can choose any number of New Orleans real estate brokers. An agent who chooses to work at Liz Wood Realty is looking for a place to call home, is treated with respect, and is an advocate to every client that he or she meets. Liz makes sure that she and each agent has an exceptional working relationship as well as being an extended family.

Liz Wood Realty in the Community

In addition to outstanding relationships with clients, Liz and her agents are extremely civic-minded. It’s important for them to give back to the community through various channels. Liz’s agents have unique interests and ways of giving back, including fostering children; animal rescue; and a strong member of the LGBTQ community. Since real estate is all about relationships, each agent understands that being part of something bigger not only exposes him/her to more business, but creates the opportunity to give back. Our New Orleans community is a great one. Since we are New Orleans realtors and community members, it is important that Liz Wood Realty contributes for the betterment of it.

Let's Connect

With all of our resources and value we give to our clients, it is not a hard decision to have a Liz Wood Realty agent help you with your real estate needs. Whether it’s buying, selling, renting, or commercial leasing, we are your choice of  any New Orleans real estate brokers. We are local, and we are very proud to call ourselves your New Orleans realtors.