Buying in the Best New Orleans School District

Buying in the Best New Orleans School District

Buying in the Best New Orleans School District

Does the School District Matter to You?

My first question is: do you have kids? If so, then it probably matters a lot. Our city is a private school-heavy city because we have historically had a very poor public school system. However, that is all changing. Both Orleans and Jefferson parishes have really stepped up their game due to a particular Mr. John White. He has transformed our public school system in Louisiana and continues to do so. Because parents have more confidence in sending kids to public schools,buying in the best New Orleans school district actually does matter. I don’t want to leave out the private school parents, as proximity to a child’s school also matters, but that is more out of convenience.

How Much Sacrifice for the Right School?

Regardless of whether a person is renting or buying, being in a particular school district is a big factor. While living further out, near family, or some other reason may make sense for a bigger space, people who feel strongly about a particular school district will give up a number of things to be in that district. 

What are the things that are given up the most when buying in the best New Orleans school district? A garage, for one. They are nice, and I will admit that now that I have one, I don’t know how I would give it up. If it put me in the right school district though, I may feel differently. Another thing given up is the overall square footage. Getting the extra 10 rooms in a house may be on the backburner until your child is well on his/her way to college. Updated kitchens and outdoor living spaces are the final two amenities that people will give up just to give their kids a better education.

Buying in the Best New Orleans School District

When to Start Your School District Search

Most home buyers who are laser-focused on school districts are between 18-34, according to a survey. They feel school district is “very important,” whereas ages 35-54 feel like it is “important.” After 55 years old, people do not place much emphasis on which school districts are good ones.

Does the School District Affect the Asking Price?

Oh, you betcha. If you’re looking for that perfect house in that perfect neighborhood with that perfect school district, I hope you’re bringing you pocketbook, and maybe even your parents’ in addition. Typically houses in these better school districts are 2.4 times more expensive than if you go to a lesser scoring district. In addition, the homes tend to be larger. My advice to young parents is this: buy a house, even if it’s not perfect, in the location you want. The house can always be fixed up or renovated, and your child gets to go to the better school.

Need to be Schooled on School Districts in New Orleans?

School district is a hot topic among people. As a New Orleans native, I’ve not only been to school here, I pay attention to our ever-changing and improving landscape. Why? Because it matters to many of my clients. When you’re ready to talk schools, I can be a sounding board. All it takes is a call, text, or email to me to get this going, and you could be in your future dream school district in no time.