Bywater Real Estate

Bywater Real Estate

Bywater real estate is quirky, hip, full of its own personality. Learn more about Bywater homes for sale in today’s blog post!

moving to new orleans

Moving to New Orleans

Moving to New Orleans presents has exciting options from renting to buying. From traditional-historic to ultra-modern living, the Crescent City beckons!

buying a house during coronavirus

Buying a House During Coronavirus

As a broker, I want to protect my clients, my agents and myself. In today’s post, I advise clients on safety tips for buying a house during coronavirus.

Buying a Home in New Orleans

Buying a Home In New Orleans

At some point in our lives, pretty much everyone in the New Orleans area (myself included) has paid rent. Renting can be an ideal way to put a roof over your head for the short term. However, once you factor in the rising costs of rent and the low mortgage rates, buying a home in New Orleans is the more cost-effective solution for the long haul.