Lakeview New Orleans

Lakeview New Orleans

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Lovely Lakeview

It's Great by the Lake!
Lakeview New Orleans is an interesting part of New Orleans proper. It butts up against Lake Pontchartrain and City Park borders it on one side. It’s not very urban and has very much a suburban feel, which the residents tend to like and appreciate. It’s home to some great restaurants and bars, and there are several parks and areas to walk around comfortably without the danger of being run over by a wild New Orleans driver. Overall it’s quiet living and perfect for people who want to be close to the city center, but not directly in it. Let’s do some more digging into Lakeview to see why people love it.

What’s So Stinking Great About Lakeview?

I could tell you to go off and see for yourself, but I’ll give you some teasers here. I don’t want to get all morose and bring up Hurricane Katrina, but Lakeview New Orleans was pretty much obliterated in that storm. I remember thinking my friend was a complete banana for wanting to buy a lot there a year or so afterwards to build a house. He bought it, and now he sits on a small goldmine. A big appeal to Lakeview living is that the homes are either completely new builds from 2005 on, or they have been renovated. The lot sizes are favorable, and there is this little quirk about Lakeview where the residents actually have an alley behind their house for them to park. Driveways aren’t a “thing” there, although people do tend to park on the street anyway.

This is not Your Momma’n’em’s Lakeview

Over the years Lakeview New Orleans got some young, spunky residents and investors started to notice that. Top-rated restaurants are not difficult to find, and a variety from Mexican food to family-style joints litter the area. “Litter” doesn’t sound great, so I’ll go with “grace” instead. You can find sassy boutiques as well as my favorite vet hospital, MSAH Lakeview edition! I also love that along Pontchartrain Blvd there is a walking path. Strolling up and down that median will give you a great idea of the typical house styles in the Lakeview New Orleans area. You’ll find anything from what look like elevated fishing camp style houses to traditional brick two-stories. There aren’t any trees to cover you with shade, so make sure to wear your sunscreen and hat if you do walk along it.

Think Lakeview is Right for You? You’re Not Wrong!

Is Lakeview New Orleans for everyone? Nope. Do you suspect it could be for you? If yes, let’s do some discovery. I’ve helped a bunch of great people move to Lakeview and they love it. The streets are a little wavy, maybe I could go so far as to say treacherous in some areas, but the specific Lakeview New Orleans neighborhoody feel is like no other in the city. It’s a special spot in our little big city, and I would love to be part of your journey and landing in Lakeview.