Road construction in Lakeview

Road Construction in Lakeview

Road Construction in Lakeview

This week New Orleans City Business reported on a nearly $3 million project to improve Marconi Drive and Orleans Avenue. This Road construction in Lakeview is set to take place between City Park Avenue and Zachary Taylor Drive.

If house hunting in Lakeview was not an option because of the potholes-the-size-of-the-Dead-Sea issue, it’s time to reconsider. Times are changing....finally. It seems like all the streets in New Orleans could use some zhuzhing, but road construction in Lakeview has been way overdue. There’s good news for house hunters looking in Lakeview! Marconi and Orleans are getting a makeover.

Unfortunately, progress always comes with a price. Starting Monday, October 14th, your commute may be a little longer. Parking for a Jesuit game at Tad Gormley may be harder. The newly reopened Storyland may have to be entered on the Wisner side. It will be worth it, though. The streets of Lakeview are improving and that is something to celebrate.

Is it Marconi Drive or Orleans Avenue? Uhm...Yes.

Although many people may know this, I am positive that some do not: one side of the street is called Marconi and the other side is called Orleans. They are split by a very large neutral ground, but essentially are the same street. Lakeview also has this same oddity on Pontchartrain Boulevard and West End Boulevard. Orleans has Delgado on its side. Marconi has City Park. They are both special and beautiful to drive down, minus the current need to dodge the craters.

Now that we’ve clarified that they are essentially the same street, we can discuss neighborhood. If you’ve ever wanted to live in a true neighborhood, where everyone knows his or her neighbor, the tiny pockets on the streets right off of Orleans are where you want to live. The houses rarely come up for sale, but when they do, they are snatched up quickly. If you’re thinking of moving to Lakeview, specifically in this little area, buy now, because the improved streets will drive the value up. The roads that will now comply with ADA (American Disability Act) by having curb ramps. No more squared off curbs, which means no more scraping my wheels either. That makes me and my poor car happy.

Road Construction in Lakeview May Increase Values

Bike lanes, the main driver for property value increase, and new crosswalks are also part of this revitalization to this main thoroughfare.We still have a long way to go as a city regarding attitude towards bikers. We need a lot less honking at bicyclists and more regard for them. Contributing to saving the environment should not be punishable by an angry yell or a honk.

Anyway, you may as well bike because you won’t be able to park on either side of the roads, just to warn you. Your other option is to take the bus. The loading island is getting a whole new look. So many transplants love taking public transportation as well. They could teach us New Orleanians a thing or two about that. Progress!

Let's Check Out Lakeview!

Lakeview residents will be inconvenienced for a while, but it will be worth it. The picturesque streets of Marconi and Orleans are going to be even more pleasant to travel down. Moving to Lakeview has never been so appealing, so I suggest we get started today. Have questions? Want to check out some listings? Contact us today to learn more about smooth living in Lakeview!