Uptown New Orleans Real Estate

Uptown New Orleans Real Estate

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So, Where is Uptown?

Uptown’s boundaries vary but the generally accepted standard is LaSalle Street to the north, Napoleon Avenue to the east, Magazine Street to the south and Jefferson Avenue to the west. Major streets include St. Charles Avenue, Jefferson Avenue, Napoleon Avenue, St. Charles Avenue, Prytania Street, and Magazine Street. Generally speaking, it’s really close to the Mississippi River, Audubon Park, and some of the best restaurants in the city. The primary zip code is 70115 for Uptown New Orleans real estate, but other areas could be included if you’re not a hard core purist. Each neighborhood Uptown has its own name, but generally speaking, it’s affiliated by many as a general area of the city. I tend not to get too hung up on semantics, but some people do. As I love to say…”that’s not the hill I want to die on.”

Buying Uptown New Orleans Real Estate

People who live Uptown or plan to buy Uptown are relatively die hard. It’s a charming place to reside for many reasons. There are tons of restaurants, shops and parks tucked all over the place. Folks who don’t live there go there to get in on these things, if only for a few hours or a day. Each year the prices of houses rise pretty dramatically, and it gets harder for people to afford it. Check out the house I sold Uptown - the price, the square footage, the number of bedrooms - it will blow you away! The enjoyment factor is there, though, and there are pockets that are more affordable than others. Again, it just depends on what you consider Uptown. I generally refer to the outer pockets as the “Uptown areas” so as not to sound like I have no idea what I’m talking about.

There are people coming from out of town to buy second houses. They want Mardi Gras in their backyard, community, walkability, and all the other yumminess that Uptown New Orleans real estate has to offer. Buyers coming from the east and west coasts have a very different opinion on prices here. They think it’s more affordable than we New Orleanians do, mainly because the prices on the coasts are so much higher. Plus, there is nowhere else like New Orleans to come and let the good times roll, so of course investing here is at the top of their list! I typically have several buyers at a time from out of town looking at second homes, and Uptown is definitely one of “the spots” to land. There really is no other place like it in the city.

Selling Your Uptown New Orleans Real Estate

To sell your coveted Uptown property, you need a plan. Prices change (what feels like) weekly, but more like daily, so if you are planning on listing your property, get all your ducks in a row first. Take your pictures, get your measurements, and then the week of listing….choose your final price. For any Uptown New Orleans real estate I list, I make sure to get real real with sellers because it tends to be an overwhelming experience, no matter how great of a plan you have. Most sellers want to have several offers on their property, but when that actually happens, they need my expertise to guide them through each step. I’m not saying this to scare anyone. I’m just a lady with a plan and a whole lot of communication in my life.

Where Do Uptown Sellers Go, and Why?

Where on earth do these Uptown sellers go, you ask? Usually they will end up going to other pockets of Uptown. Sometimes they move into Old Metairie. It usually depends on a few factors: do they want a driveway now? (Not all of the Uptown New Orleans real estate homes don’t have a driveway, but you’re a big deal if you do!) Do they want the ‘burbs? Did they outgrow their home and buy a fixer upper in a new part of the general Uptown area? All of these questions are actually reasons as to why people move from the specific area of Uptown that I am referring to in this article.

We Are an Uptown House-Finding Team

Regardless if you’re selling or buying Uptown New Orleans real estate, Liz Wood Realty agents have your best in mind. Our team is fully versed on the goings on of this attractive and historical neighborhood. Uptown is a genuine gem to the New Orleans area, and helping clients find homes there that they are giddy over is our mission. Thinking about moving there or selling there? Even a little? We are ready when you are. You know where to find us.