Living in Old Metairie

Living in Old Metairie

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I love telling people I’m such an Old Metairie native that I lived in a log cabin on Bonnabel Boulevard! Truth be told, I grew up on Hollywood Drive in Old Metairie. From there my parents bought a double lot and built our “log cabin” on Bonnabel Boulevard, which is where I spent my teenage years. I only left Old Metairie to move to Atlanta, GA and then Las Vegas, NV for my budding career in sales. When I moved back to the New Orleans area, I lived in Old Metairie and eventually bought a house that eventually needed updating. I had a short stint in the Bayou St. John area while the renovation was happening, which was spectacular, but I returned to my stomping ground. My search for traditional New Orleans charm in a more suburban setting was realized, and I headed back to Old Metairie.

The log cabin on Bonnabel Boulevard!

The Perfect Home Base for a Commuter

My job requires me to drive from Kenner to Covington to Bywater and all over the rest of the city, so the fact that I can hop on the I-10/I-610 within 2 minutes is huge. While living in many other areas of the city seems very appealing to me, I like living in Old Metairie. I have two neighborhood bars near me, Mama’s Place and Electric Cocktail, several really good restaurants within walking distance, and I live in a part of Old Metairie that doesn’t have all new or large renovated houses. I like the mix and overall feel. And I really like the garage on my house because I don’t like getting rained on AT ALL.

A NOLA Mood Board

Old Metairie can be described as a mood board of the Greater New Orleans area. There are the lush oaks and crepe myrtles that are similar to the Uptown area. Metairie Road is dotted with the types of restaurants and shops that have drawn tourists to the French Quarter (but without the grimy underbelly and smells). I do love the French Quarter dearly, but it’s true. Living in Old Metairie feels like the best of both worlds, with its own unique version of everything that calls people to New Orleans. Proximity is extremely important to me, and I like having a designated parking spot (and a garage if I'm being honest.) While it is 10 minutes outside of the hustle and bustle of Uptown New Orleans, it's worth the minor commute for the other benefits I enjoy.

Old Metairie. Yeah. It Really is Old!

Old Metairie's boundaries are Interstate 10 and Airline Highway, and between the 17th Street canal and Causeway Blvd. It dates back to a time when Native Americans lived along a natural ridge on the neighborhood’s north side. Eventually, the surrounding swampland was filled in, and by the 1950s, a new suburban jewel began to take shape. Old Metairie retains much of its post-war cottage charm, while welcoming a wide array of newer retail, families, and food options. A lot of new construction in the lesser discovered parts of Old Metairie, such as my own area, is alive and well. Small cottages are near and dear to my heart, but it’s also so nice to have beautiful houses popping up. I like that there is a mixture of both, and that the property values continue to rise. Living in Old Metairie has been nothing short of wonderful for many reasons.

The Good Life is Living in Old Metairie!

A variety of wonderful shops dot the area (Relish, Phina Boutique), along with grocery options both familiar nationally and known for their local charm (Langenstein’s and Canseco’s Metairie Market). Don’t feel like cooking tonight? The New Orleans area is world famous for taste-tempting dining options, and Old Metairie has carved out its own place in this storied legacy with Brasa Churrasqueria, Rock-n-Sake Bar & Sushi, Byblos, Garrison Kitchen, and Blue Line Sandwich Co., among many, many others.

There’s more, much more to do. From really good coffee shops like Royal Blend and Moxie to hometown and national banks, great neighborhood schools to some of the best snowballs at Sal's Sno-Ball Stand, I literally don’t have to leave if I don’t want to. My workout studio is on Metairie Road (The Pilates and Yoga Loft), I peruse fantastic furniture stores, and go for walks with or without my pooch at Pontiff Playground – and it’s all just steps away, under a canopy of gorgeous oaks. Old Metairie is a must-see for anyone in search of all this area’s charms in a quieter neighborhood setting. 

If you’re interested in a home in Old Metairie, contact Liz Wood: Not only is Liz an Old Metairie expert, she’s a resident too!