Bywater Real Estate

Bywater Real Estate

Bywater Real Estate
There is no neighborhood, I’ll venture to say, in the world that is quite like Bywater in New Orleans. It’s quirky, hip, full of its own personality, and marches to the beat of its own drum, much like myself. Rarely do I come across a client, especially one moving to New Orleans, that doesn’t mention the possibility of living in Bywater. I can’t blame them. It’s awesome, so let’s dive into Bywater real estate.

Is Water?

Yes. Most Bywater real estate borders or is near some type of water. The Mississippi River is the larger body, and the Industrial Canal is the other body. The canal can be crossed at multiple streets to get to the ninth ward. Bywater is somewhat of an “L” shape. It’s about 5 blocks by 10 blocks on each part of the “L”...give or take a block or two. It also borders the Marigny, which extends into the French Quarter. All very walkable and very close to each other. For a little more  history, check out my description of Bywater neighborhood here.

What is the Typical Bywater Real Estate Style?

I frequently go to this neighborhood and just walk down the streets. I find a new favorite house every time. The type of houses you’ll find are shotgun and double shotgun houses, primarily. There are some creole cottages, and even multi-family housing buildings. No large complexes, though. Many of them are full of character and color, and they are oh-so-eye-catching. It feels like many Bywater residents have a dog or dogs, so you’ll often see people out strolling. Bywater real estate has been a hot commodity for some time and, I won’t lie, it’s pretty expensive to live in this neighborhood. People love it, though, and it shows in the pride the residents have in living there.

What to do in Bywater

If you are looking for great food, fun bars, and lots of cut off jean shorts, Bywater is your place! I’m going to list out my favorite places in Bywater and tell you why I love them. And by the way, any business inhabiting Bywater real estate better be phenomenal or else they won’t last.
  • N7

    It’s cozy and the food is French and delicious. They have a lot of canned foods but I am not a huge fan of those. Everything else I’ve had there is delicious. Click here to learn more about N7!

  • The Country Club

    Interesting and beautiful. The food is great, the drinks are great. And they have a pool you can swim in. Click here to learn more about The Country Club!

  • The Franklin

    Before COVID, I used to belly up to the bar and order fries. It was one of my go-to places to eat because it is consistent. Click here to learn more about The Franklin!

  • Bacchanal

    I vacillate between loving this place so much and thinking it is too touristy. Ultimately, I love it. The vibe is perfect on a beautiful evening, and the wine is plentiful. Click here to learn more about Bacchanal!

  • Bywater Bakery

    Their baked goods are delicious, and they happen to make one of my favorite king cakes: the Chantilly. Do yourself a favor and go here. Click here to learn more about Bywater Bakery!

  • Saint-Germain

    Their baked goods are delicious, and they happen to make one of my favorite king cakes: the Chantilly. Do yourself a favor and go here. Click here to learn more about Saint-Germain!


    An exhibit of local art and music, it is the perfect place to shed any worry or sadness. It’s a joyful place to go and experience New Orleans at its finest. Click hear to learn more about JAMNOLA!

  • Dr Bob’s Folk Art

    Basically, BE NICE OR LEAVE! You have to go see his art. You will come away with one. I can’t wait to have a piece hanging in my house. Dr Bob’s art is so New Orleans, and he is in his shop for you to meet. Go see him and say hi! Click hear to learn more about Dr Bob’s Folk Art!

  • Crescent Park

    An amazing urban park that runs along the Mississippi River and gives stunning views of the city. It’s only a little over a mile, so it’s easy to walk or ride your bike. The rusty rainbow bridge is one way of getting into the park, and it’s a beautiful photo op! Click hear to learn more about Crescent Park!

These are my mentionables. They are all exceptional places to be a patron, although most of Bywater’s restaurants are delicious and shops are cool. It’s the perfect neighborhood to go to if you want equal parts casual and eclectic and just have a good time.

When Do You Want to Start the House Hunt?

Living in Bywater and owning Bywater real estate is a special privilege. You are amongst people who want to be neighbors and neighborly. They actually speak to each other and have wine with each other on the porch in the evenings. Most people want to live in a neighborhood in New Orleans because they want these things. Bywater provides so much energy yet gives so much calm. Buy a house here. I'll bring the wine.