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Moving to New Orleans

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Moving to New Orleans?

New Orleans continues to thrive as a magnet for new professionals, artists, chefs, makers and thinkers from all over. The streets are alive with history, fun and music, and it’s all framed by a cuisine so mouth-wateringly unique that you’ll be talking about dinner plans before the check for lunch arrives. Moving to New Orleans presents just as many exciting options, from uptown to downtown, from renting to buying. Whether you’re looking for tradition or something more modern, a vibrant city vibe or cozy riverbend spot to start a family, the Crescent City beckons.

A Neighborhood for Every Lifestyle

There are as many distinct places to live in NOLA as there are different kinds of commemorative Mardi Gras doubloons. So, you’ll have some tough decisions to make before moving to New Orleans: Would you rather live adjacent to intriguing cafes and boisterous parade routes, or lush oaks and gorgeous crepe myrtles? That’s where our expert team of locals can help, drawing from a deep well of institutional knowledge to find the right place at the right price point in neighborhoods like Uptown, Mid City, Warehouse District, Gentilly, Irish Channel and Lakeview, or further out in the comfy suburbs of Old Metairie or Kenner.

Moving to New Orleans: Renting Vs. Buying

Sometimes, you need to take your time to get the feel for a neighborhood. Sometimes, you'll find an opportunity you'll regret passing on. And then there are some whose needs and wants simply change over time. Young couples find that they’ve outgrown a quaint starter apartment. Growing families look for bigger yards and quieter nights. Retirees choose to downsize, with an eye toward filling their newfound free time with trips to local shops and restaurants. 
  • Why Rent?

    Quite frankly, there’s a lot to take in when moving to New Orleans. Renting gives newcomers an opportunity to get a feel for this one-of-a-kind city, as it slowly reveals age-old intrigues and offbeat charms. It’s also not uncommon for people to move from one neighborhood to another, as they evolve through different stages in life. Best of all, the city remains very affordable, with an average rent of only around $1,100, depending on the location. Learn more about renting in New Orleans.

  • When to Buy?

    Every potential homebuyer arrives with a story: Maybe you’re moving to New Orleans to put down roots. Maybe you just need a little more elbow room. The agents at Liz Wood Realty can put it all in perspective. We haven’t just sold homes in the Greater New Orleans area; we’ve lived in and become a part of these distinct neighborhoods and cultures. That provides a unique perspective that goes beyond the usual expectations like establishing a price range. We help you strike the perfect blend of need, affordability and desire. Learn more about how much house you can afford.

Talk to a Local about Moving to New Orleans!

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