When to Sell a Home in New Orleans

When to Sell a Home In New Orleans

When to Sell a Home in New Orleans

A reasonable seller will ask their agent questions like how much is my home worth, or when to sell a home in New Orleans. It’s a fair question. In today’s post I’ll discuss the factors that need to be considered, and yes, timing is everything.

Should I Wait Until Spring?

I hear the specific question “Should I wait until spring to sell my house?” a lot. First and foremost, if you’re even thinking about selling your home, my advice is to reach out to an agent as soon as you are around 60% certain that this is your decision. My smoothest transactions are when my sellers and I come up with a good strategy for when to sell a home in New Orleans. This includes:

  • Price

    We choose a price by scouring the market for sold houses and doing some comparables.

  • Staging

    Not every house needs staging, but some rearranging can greatly increase the value of your home to prospective buyers. That’s a big deal because we want you to get the most for your house. - Learn More About Staging Services

  • Timing

    The piece of when to sell your home in New Orleans is also imperative, and that is based on the overall timeline you have.

A plan will be put into place. We can go over the entire plan together once you commit to selling. We are experts at what we do, and we are here to serve you. A little real estate rhyme for the day!

Take Advantage of Light Competition

The masses think there is some magical time, day, our moon retrograde to list a property. This could be true. However, in my experience, the slower months tend to be the best time to sell a home in New Orleans. There are fewer sellers who want to bother with holidays coming up. You can be one of the few, leaving you with serious buyers who want to buy a house. They want to have inventory from which to choose. Not too much, but your house would be a great addition. With the right plan, your house will most likely be off the market in less time than you think. This could be a good thing or a nail-biter, depending on how you look at it. My first year of real estate, I had five transactions in December alone. People are out there, and they want that house of yours.

Because other people wait months to put their homes on the market, inspectors are waiting for that phone call. You and your buyers will be so glad for a quick report turn-around. Their lender needs to buy holiday gifts, too, so he/she will be ready to roll with a possible early closing date - yay! John Costello of Title Stream has the title clear, papers drawn up, and he is waiting for your signature so you can move on quickly. You basically have all the people all to yourself. Doesn’t that sound better than waiting until spring, when you’re quite possibly just a number?

It's Time! Let's Market that Home

The thought of selling your house can feel impossible to figure out the right timing. My previous sellers have felt exactly the same way. However, after working with Liz Wood Realty, they found that we were able to pick the perfect time for them to list their home. Contact me with any questions you may have or to schedule a meeting. Winter’s a-coming, and we need to sell that house of yours.