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Tips for Selling Your Home: De-personalizing

Get that House Sold – De-personalizing

Let’s be honest. We live in New Orleans. We’re nosy. We like to know who knows whom. Mostly we want to know whose house in which we are snooping. I see this happen all day long. I do it myself when I go to houses because I love calling out the names of the people in pictures. Do you know so-and-so? What a rascal! You know you do it or have done it anytime you’ve gone to someone’s house. That said, it’s time to get de-personalizing.

Nobody Cares About the Hot Dog Eating Contest


De-personalizing Will Help Sell Your Home Faster

De-personalizing your home is a must in the selling process. We all have to do it. Don’t take it personally. People will make judgments on your stuff, your preferences. (Why on earth would Susie like that purple velvet couch?! Purple makes me sick!) Your kid was the winner of the hot dog eating contest and you want to show little Mikey’s talents to the world? Please don’t. The vegan roaming around will think it’s just gross. By the way, hot dogs are gross. While you’re dressing up your taxidermied animal friends in party costumes, that same vegan is calling PETA on you. Sellers, don’t tempt the buyers to leave your house in a fright. Just get the de-personalizing under control.

I Want This House, and I Want it Now

You can have some art and neutral pictures in the house, even your quirky furniture. Please just take down the ridiculous amount of family pictures strewn all over the damn place. Buyers truly want to envision the space as their own. They want to know that they could move right in. They want to sit on your porch. Maybe sleep in your bed (ewww). Their shoes would look so much better in that closet than yours. Don’t let them spot your picture on the wall and start reminiscing about the time you guys got put on Ms Mae’s Wall of Shame. No! This wasn’t supposed to happen! Don’t subject yourself to the ridicule from others for being lazy and not de-cluttering and de-personalizing your home. Make ’em sweat for your house. It is the best, after all.

The Sale Will Happen

When you are ready to list your house, ask your realtor for help in how to make it neutral. Your realtor will be happy to do whatever it takes to help make sure that house appeals to the masses. Remember, the whole goal is to sell the house. You want to get into the one you really want. The buyer needs to be able to mentally take ownership even before making an offer. We need the place to feel like the buyer’s home from the very second that buyer walks into the house. Capiche?

I’m Here to Make Your Dreams Come True

Realtor Liz Wood Knows Old Metairie ListingsI’ll help you with your house selling needs. This is including de-personalizing and (for all you good Catholics) bringing the Saint Joseph statue and the shovel to bury in the front yard. Call me, Liz Wood. I am an expert in this industry and am ready to help.