Women Homeowners: Hear Me Roar!

Female friends, isn’t it an incredible time to be a woman? We have our say in life. No one is holding us back anymore. Let them just try it and risk becoming the next…I’ll say it….John Besh. Or old and gross Harvey. The jig is up with your kind, fellas.

I got the Need to Succeed

Women homeowners, I love you and think you’re amazing. There are so many that I know, and you know why? I sold them their property. What a huge deal!. I own a house on my own and it’s really empowering. It is a gift to me to help women to become homeowners, and it’s also a huge step in that direction of feeling like the beast (in a good way) that you are.

Working from home has its benefits…

What’s So Great About Being Women Homeowners?

For one, owning your home will build wealth over time. Pretty cool, right? You’ll also have that snazzy little thing called equity to fall back on. Let’s say you have a whole bunch of equity in that badass pad you bought 5 years ago. Then you meet Mr. Right and you want a bigger place. Sadly he doesn’t have much to bring to the closing table. You, Ms. Thang, however, have $50k in equity. So when you sell your house, you have that $50k to put down on your new awesome house.

Moving on about the greatness of being in the women homeowners club. If you’re like me and work from home, I have three words for you: tax write off! You can still do business in the bar, ahem, coffee shop, but your house has to be primary. Plus, who wants to get out of bed to go to an office? I’m literally in bed, writing this article. Sorry not sorry.

Empower Yourself

Be a “can do” type of woman. If you legit cannot afford a house, don’t buy one. If renting is your jam, then rent (I can help with that, too). But if you think you want to be in the women homeowners circle, I will help you get there. I have first-hand experience in this field and this is some empowering stuff. I feel like Wonder Woman sometimes because I am building my wealth ON MY OWN! It propelled me into other empowering areas of life, like opening up my own brokerage, Liz Wood Realty. So now I am a female homeowner and business owner! It’s overall a power trip, but the good kind. I could go on and on, like how it also makes me not take shit from men or other jealous women. Alright, you get it. I feel good about where I am in life!

You Are Not Alone

I will map out this entire process so that you’re not wondering what on earth comes next. I’m not only talking to all the single ladies, either. I’m talking to women in general. All ages, races and walks of life. Don’t get me wrong, I do like when my man takes out the garbage and fixes light bulbs (oh wait I do that) or opens the door for me. But knowing the purchase of this little house I bought years ago has put me ahead of the game by a shitload makes me get all tingly. Can we please get moving with this, girlfriend? Let’s get you a house! A condo or a townhome will do, too.

Fellow lady homeowner

I’m Ready, Are you?

Is it kind of a scary thing to some people? Yes. Is the process seemingly overwhelming? Yes. You are not alone, though. And you’re not the first woman to do this. These are all good things. We want to make sure that this is the right decision and you’re feeling good. Women homeowners are inspiring to me – they are admirable, and really like to put their own touch on the house. It’s awesome to see my clients’ homes that they have fixed up exactly the way they want them, even if it’s taken some time to get there. If you are down for this step in life, holla at a fellow homeowner (and woman) and we’ll give this a go. I cannot wait for you to feel all the good feels.