Problems with For Sale By Owner

Selling your home is an exciting adventure. As a realtor, I feel passionately about my job and want to help everyone. This person was in the right place at the right time for me to help. No more for sale by owner for him.

The Client is Always Right

Liz Wood loves helping her clients find the perfect home. When they make excuses after dozens of showings, she starts to get the idea that they may not actually want to buy a house. Here we see the customer explaining to her that he can do whatever he wants because...the client is always right.

Marketing: Get That Property Sold!

When your listing goes live, you want all the marketing possible to get your property sold. You definitely want to review with your realtor what methods you feel comfortable with, though.

Testimonials: Why They’re Important

Testimonials are a great way to help future clients understand why past clients have used your realtor talents. Liz Wood is seen "coaching" her client, who also happens to be her boo, on why he enjoyed using her expertise. It clearly doesn't go as planned.

Tips for Selling Your Home: De-personalizing

De-personalizing couldn’t be more important in selling a house. People want to buy a house that they feel belongs to them, not to you. Get your house sold as quickly and efficiently as possible so you don’t find yourself shivering under your covers at night, wide awake, wondering when the next potential buyer will call your agent for a showing.