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Testimonials: Why They’re Important

When I started out in real estate, I didn’t quite grasp the testimonials thing. I never asked my clients to “rate” me or review me. All I wanted was for them to think I was the best agent. How would I have known? How about some TESTIMONIALS, Liz? A few short sentences about my greatness is all I needed. Oh well, didn’t get that then. But, by golly, I get them now…when I remember.

Drum Roll! The Best Testimonials Go to….

I’m assuming if you’re reading this you’re either an agent or a client, past or present. Or both. But you can’t really review yourself without people thinking you’re a complete loser. Let’s say you’re the client. You had an agent that you thought was garbage. His loud laugh and bad breath were intolerable, so you ditched him. You went with a sharp-dressed, type-A guy who didn’t skip a beat. He really made you consider your own self because he could make the President look bad. Errr…forget I said that. He could make Elon Musk look questionable. You go through the transaction and you’re on Cloud 9. Review him! Make it known to the public that you think this guy is the cat’s ass. That means awesome.

Somebody needs a new hair stylist!

You Better Not Stink at Your Job

Now you’re the client who doesn’t leave that stinker of an agent. You become so disinterested in your search for a home that you all but quit. Getting a new agent is out of the question because “they’re all the same.” WRONG. If your hair stylist makes you look like the guy in the picture, are you going to stay with her? Doubt it. Unless you’re some kind of masochist. Please get help if that’s the case. Don’t stay with an agent that does nothing to get that motivation going. You only have one house…ummm life…to live. Make sure you give that agent a review so others don’t go through the same pain you did. But your new agent probably looks really good right about now.

People Listen to Anyone When it Comes to Testimonials

Agents: do a good job, for the love of beans and rice. Real estate is not rocket science. A lot of it is people-pleasing and making sure you stay organized. Plus, listening to your clients. Everybody wants to be heard here. Not just you. Zip the lip and listen to those clients. They will help you get to the finish line. Which means testimonials. Remember those? You know you read reviews of restaurants, bars, clothing shops, kids’ bounce houses. Whatever your jam is, you’re on your phone clickety clacking away to see who said what. You don’t even care that you don’t know them and their name is Far Teesmell. You’re taking their testimonials as gospel. So…do a good, or great, job with your clients and guess what? You get your own awesome sauce testimonials. Which will ultimately get you more clients. Which will get you your Tesla. Thank you, Elon.

Waiting for my review!

Review Me. It’s Only Fair.

Where do you leave these said testimonials? Facebook, Zillow, Yelp, email the agent so he/she can put it on the website. And the agent can have bragging rights! Everybody loves the right to scream “nanny nanny boo boo!” In someone else’s face. Is that just me? Do I really do that? Write me good testimonials and you’ll see for yourself.