Mid City Makes the City Go Round

Liz Wood goes all in with everything

Mid City is crazy cool. I could stop there, but I won’t. You’ll at least want to  dabble in this neighborhood. The boundaries are as follows: City Park Avenue/North Carrollton/Orleans/Bayou St. John/St. Louis Street/North Broad/Pontchartrain Expressway. Whew. Now that we got that out of the way, we can talk about the awesomeness that lives within those streets. The main thing you think of is the streetcar that goes straight up Canal Street. Locals and tourists alike ride it. It connects us to the downtown area. For $1.25, you can ride that thing all way up to the river. You can catch it by City Park after getting your beignets from Morning Call. The best parade rolls straight through Mid City, too. Endymion.

Shotgun! Double, That Is

The culture oozes in Mid City. So many types of people live amongst these old, historic homes that have been there for over 100 years. Shotguns and shotgun doubles are probably the most prominent. Many doubles have been restored and converted into single family homes. Many of the lots are small so the houses can’t be as well. Tons of young professionals (and some not so professionals) rent there. They are obsessed with the walkability to Juan’s Flying Burrito. Because cheap (and good) margaritas. The high ceilings on these old houses are a must on the “wish…ahem…must list” of the place. Happy Hour at Bayou Wine Garden is also a neighborhood favorite. Don’t like wine? The beer garden connects, so no excuses.


Sketchy Turned Hip

Until a few years ago, it still seemed seedy around those parts. But suddenly it became the hottest neighborhood in New Orleans. It was way more affordable than the Uptown market, but it still had mucho charm. The other giant perk to Mid City is that it is MID CITY. If you’re not picking up what I’m putting down, it’s smack in the middle, close to everything, everywhere. It’s one of those areas that you can literally get anywhere within 10 minutes. It connects to Gentilly, Uptown, and Metairie. Yeah, I know, Jefferson Parish isn’t cool. But you do have to go there for the Target (gasp!). Pronounced Tar-jay to you Mid Citians. Or Mid Citiites. I don’t know. Whatever the name is.

Victory Lap Around Finn McCools

One of my biggest real estate victories was on Banks Street, which also houses Jesuit High School, Finn McCools, Mid City Pizza, and Mona’s. I love them all. I am marrying a Jesuit guy…at Jesuit chapel…so maybe ’m biased. And Finns is my go-to place for sports watching. Mostly soccer. Back to this house I sold. At the time it was a complete disaster, but I had to get these people the most money for it. Low and behold, I sold it for way more than I ever would’ve thought, and it quickly became one of my proudest moments in the biz. Not because it was my largest sale by any stretch, but because I set a record for fixer-uppers in the area at the time. Competitive much? I was happy, my client was happy. And that was most important to me. I celebrated afterwards with a beer at…you guessed it….Finns.

Are You Sold Yet? LiterallyRealtor Liz Wood Knows Mid City Listings

Mid City is a special place. I personally adore it, and obviously I’m not the only one. My clients who’ve bought there are wild about it. Visiting this part of the city is a treat. Plus it’s five minutes from my house, which helps. It’s my go-to area, because the vibe is different than Metairie and it’s closer than Uptown. (I still go to both of those so I am not anti.) You get a warm and fuzzy there. Let’s do this Mid City thing together. If I’ve convinced you that Mid City is for you, let’s get started on this mission together. It all starts with a call…to me.