Bucktown: Not Just Another Country Town

We’ve got raccoon for dinner, y’all!

Bucktown used to have a pretty bad rap. And I don’t mean music. I mean this neighborhood was basically a fisherman’s village. It was filled with shrimp boats, crab nets, and smelled funny. Imagine Grand Isle, but worse. Can you? Those houses on tiny stilts? Not happening. It was also great for hunting, which may be where it got its name. Lots of deer/bucks.Love me some deer meat. Possibly even nutria or raccoons. I’ve eaten nutria. Not going to do it again.  Another theory on the name was some fisherdude named Buck Wooley back in the day. Either way, it’s Bucktown. We’ll fast forward to the more present day, pre and post Katrina. It’s a pretty rockin’ place.

Not All Was Lost in Katrina

From North to South, the boundaries are Lake Pontchartrain and West Esplanade. From West to East, it’s Bonnabel Boulevard and the 17th Street Canal. Two bodies of water to contend with, so obviously this could mean trouble. Hurricane Katrina did a heck of a job wiping out a lot of Bucktown. That canal broke and…the rest, they say, is history. That includes the once amazing restaurant Sid-Mar’s, where you could get a WOP salad. Thanks, Katrina, for taking away a fav in this area.  A lot of people lost a lot of stuff in this area, including houses, shrimp boots (and boats), and other precious things that went along with that disaster. Since everyone in this city has grit, Katrina didn’t stop people from a renewed outlook on this part of Metairie. It’s actually one of the premier neighborhoods in Metairie, thank you very much.

I Can’t Stop Eating the Po’boys

Over the years I’ve watched this part of Jefferson Parish grow and flourish. I’ve had buyers so hellbent on living there that they wouldn’t consider anywhere else. Years ago I questioned why. Now I get it, and I’ve gotten in for a while now. Not only did people build gorgeous homes or restore old ones, but the lot sizes are amazing (for Metairie). Plus you’re literally steps from the Bonnabel boat launch and bike trail, and one of my all-time favorite restaurants, R&O’s. I’m pretty sure I’ve paid for someone’s kid’s college tuition by the amount I’ve eaten there.

Meet Me at the Daiquiris & Creams After the Kid Drop-off

People love that they can walk their kids over to Saint Louis King of France for school in the morning, then walk over to Daiquiris & Creams for a quick fix with a mudslide. Kidding. They’ll more likely be eating at the trendy new Station 6 restaurant. That used to be the old II Tony’s, which moved a few blocks over. This area is a cornucopia of greatness. Bucktown is close to Old Metairie and Lakeview (yippee!), plus it’s close to the I-10. But guess what? You’re paying Jefferson Parish prices. That is a plus right there. Just look at this house, right in the center of it all. And you have (in my opinion) the best place in the city to get boiled crabs and crawfish: Captain Sid’s. This place will knock your little Metairie socks off in goodness.

Let’s Make this Bucktown Dream HappenRealtor Liz Wood Knows Old Metairie Listings

It’s pretty easy to never leave those little street boundaries when you live here. Things are so convenient, and you can still get a pretty good deal on a house. Although, the prices are rising because people know: Bucktown got it going on. So, if you’re hot to trot on living in Bucktown, I’m your agent. This area is a great place to live, and it will not disappoint.