Bywater: A Dream Place to Live for an Eclectic Spirit

The Bywater. When you say the name it brings a smile to many New Orleanians faces. Buying a home in the Bywater is subscribing to this surreal life of idealism and authentic New Orleans life. It’s a lifestyle, and rarely would you ever want to leave it for longer than a few hours. So, we’ll kick off our Louboutin heels and put on our cute new Birkenstock sandals from Good Feet and explore the hippest neighborhood in town.

What Exactly is the Bywater, Bro? And Where the Hell is it?

I honestly had to look up exact boundaries of the Bywater. I know the general area, but the actual boundaries are as follows: North boundary is Florida Avenue. South is The Mighty Mississippi. East is the Industrial Canal, and West is Press Street. Now that we have that straight, let’s move onto its heritage. It’s a mutt. Originally the French, Spanish, and French Caribbean peeps settled here. Hence the colorful, yet European style houses. Later came DA DGHUHMANS (Germans), Irish, and Italians. Always a hoot. Not quite as colorful as the former group mentioned. The neighborhood was somewhat ignored for a while until…..

Someone Found out this Place is the Bomb

The World’s Fair, guys. Wait, let’s back up for a huge second. The Bywater is also where the event that lead to Plessy vs Ferguson case. Is that a huge piece of history or what? Check out the marker at Royal and Press Streets intersection where Plessy was removed from the railroad car. Ok, back to 1984. The World’s Fair made French Quarter folks want to move to this area. In the later 1990s, it got real. People were onto the Bywater for its beauty in architecture and style. Did I mention it’s above sea level (don’t get a nose bleed!) in most areas. It’s close to the river. That’s how this crazy town works. People gave it a new pair of lungs. It worked. People are nutso for this area. Even at well over $200/square foot for completely renovated, it’s a solid investment.

I’m Sorry; I’m Just Jealous

Poolside cocktail at The Country Club

If you’re looking to purchase in the Bywater, you can count on this: You’ll be the envy of all your friends. Pizza Delicious tonight for dinner, Elizabeth’s for breakfast. A little live music at Bacchanal. Want to see a really cool play? Let’s go to NOCCA. Here’s the other deal, though. The secret is out. People like it here. The Bywater ain’t kidding. It means business. If you’re in the business of wanting a rockstar house, a phenomenal restaurant on every block, and a killer view only a few short blocks away…move here. Did I mention the open pool at the Country Club? Drinks on me! Not really because I’m broke now that I bought this house. Buy your own drinks.

Are You Funky Enough to Live in the Bywater?

It takes a certain type of person to want to live in the Bywater. A pretty cool one, truthfully. You’re right next door to the amazing Marigny. But for an Uptowner, it’s far. But that’s a good thing. Because do you want to be close to Uptown? That’s not your jam. You’re sporting your funky new Birkenstocks, not your Tory Burch closed-toe patent leather flats. You’re the height of cool, and so is your ‘hood. Let’s keep it that way.

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I love selling in New Orleans. I like how every section of the city is different. Helping people go through this journey of real estate is more rewarding than I ever knew it would be. Getting into this business was the best decision I’ve made professionally. I love people, I love houses, I love making the two match. If you are into what I’m saying, call, text, or email me and I’ll hook you up with your next dream home.