Home Buyers Guide Step 1: Get with a Lender…STAT

I love going on first dates, said no woman ever.

I’ve been through a lot of firsts. First time I trimmed my own bangs. And first dates (so glad that’s over). My first hangover (still remember it was from good old Hyde Park Corner). First hickey (gasp and gross). We all have. Most of these I wish to never repeat. One thing I love repeating is helping first time home buyers. Plus unlike the hickey, you won’t forget a bad experience in real estate, first time or fifth time. Never fear, though, Mama’s here to help you through it. Read on…

Find the Right Lender

We don’t need you hooking up with a no-name, take-your-money-and-run dude. I’ve got some real good lenders that are awesome. None of this “Hey, hey. I got ya back. Uncle Mikey gonna take care o’ ya.” They’re legit and they work for legit institutions.

We have to see what is your buying power. This isn’t Dumb and Dumber. A suitcase full of IOUs ain’t gonna cut it. This is the real deal. You need proof you are willing and able home buyers. A piece of paper stating you can most likely purchase this house. You tell your lender your income and any debts you know of. This is called “pre-qualification.”

Jump on that Credit Report

Credit score: You need a good one. If you think there may be something lurking on the report and dragging it down, start working on a plan. You can obtain a free credit report from https://www.annualcreditreport.com/index.action. The score costs you, but the report is free. Take advantage of this, home buyers.

The bottom line is: We don’t need to waste time seeing houses you can’t afford. It’s like walking through the Prada department at Saks in Canal Place when you know you’re walking away with a Jessica Simpson bag. Nobody likes a tease. Be kind to yourself.

Who’s Your Match, Home Buyers?

When we really get serious, that’s when the pre-approval comes. The lender runs your credit to make sure your info is legit. And voila…we are on the road to house hunting and ultimately home buying!

A couple of my tried and true lenders are:

Mark Boasberg with Nola Lending

Kate DeKay with Eustis Mortgage

Don’t Delay this First Step

I’m a huge fan of this first step. It’s so exciting. Sometimes it can be surprising. It’s the most important step, too. Everything hangs on this piece of information. How much house can I buy? And just so you know: no matter how big or small your budget is, there is always a compromise. We all want everything in our dreams. It just isn’t reality. But you will find the perfect house. I’ve seen it dozens and dozens of times. And it is the best feeling for everyone.

About Me

Realtor Liz Wood Knows Old Metairie ListingsMy passion is helping to make people’s lives easier. There is no better reward than to know that my clients feel great about houses I’ve sold for or to them. I look forward to continuing an amazing journey in the real estate market, and I have no doubt the level of satisfaction and comfort I bring to the table will make buying and selling houses a rewarding experience for all. If you want me to be your partner in crime in this process, call me, text me, email me, scream my name. I’ll answer.