Liz Wood in Old Metairie

Listings in Old Metairie Are Always a Home Run

I’ve always been a big fan of selling listings in Old Metairie. The Babe Ruth of Jefferson Parish is where I started this little career I call real estate. A sharp-as-a-tack attorney gave me my first shot – selling her two homes. Okay, she didn’t know she was my first client. But I nailed it! Working for an attorney is nerve-wracking, especially as a first client. But the experience unleashed my passion for real estate. It also gave me some great, early exposure with listings in Old Metairie. Maybe I shouldn’t have told her my favorite attorney joke – “What’s black and tan and looks great on an attorney? A couple of Rottweilers!” Anyone? Anyone? Is this thing on?

Listings in Old Metairie Are Different, Ok?

A true Old Metairie girl

Like most young realtors, I thought listings in Old Metairie were like everywhere else, even Kenna Brah (shout out to my peeps with the sideways visors and gold chain on the outside! You know I love ya!). I played sports at Pontiff Playground, AKA Metairie Playground. One summer I even insisted on playing on the boys’ baseball team. I still can’t live that down. And after seeing the picture, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking. I’m blackmailing myself by showing it to you.

I Just Wanna Walk Everywhere

Only after living in other parts of the country did I realize what makes Old Metairie special. Everything I need is within walking distance. Sal’s Sno-balls three blocks away? Check. Vega Tapas? Yes I will take the half off bottle of Tempranillo, thaaaaank you. Shameless. So I like wine! I’m a realtor. Don’t ever hire a realtor who doesn’t drink wine or mention it in the first meeting. You might even catch me at our family-owned toy store Le Jouet. Not drinking wine, of course, but helping out. Who doesn’t like a toy store? It’s also a bike shop. Yes, I’m plugging it but it speaks for itself!

Don’t Leave Without Your Mascara

If you’re looking at listings in Old Metairie, you are in good company. It’s got a genuine neighborhood-y feel. There is this great resource if you’re on Facebook called Old Metairie Happenings. I might even say it’s worth joining Facebook for this. It’s good for recommendations and hysterical rants from your favorite (or least favorite) neighbors. Pure entertainment. Check it out if you’re looking to live in Old Metairie. It will not disappoint. You will realize quickly that you can’t go anywhere, be it to Langenstein’s or i’Land Pedi Spa, without knowing half the place. My recommendation is not to leave the house looking like you just rolled in from last night. We’re not animals.

About Liz Wood

Realtor Liz Wood Knows Old Metairie ListingsCan you tell I’m a huge fan of listings in Old Metairie? I love selling here. I love being the matchmaker to you and your perfect home. We’ll go together like a ball and a bat. I’m committed to making things easy on my clients and enjoyable. If you are looking for a house in the OM, give me a shout. I’m here for you and your needs.