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Renting an Apartment in Mid City

renting an apartment in mid city?

Throughout my years of selling real estate, Mid City has by far been a favorite. I have seen it blossom into what it is and what it is becoming, and the mixture of folks who live there is a delight. The mix of homeowners and renters are about even, so my renter friends: if renting an apartment in Mid City is in your dreams, let me work my magic and make them come true.

Wait, so where exactly is Mid City?

If you want to experience life in Mid City, your first step is to understand the boundaries of the neighborhood. Mid City’s boundaries are defined as: City Park Avenue, Toulouse Street, North Carrollton, Orleans Avenue, Bayou St. John and St. Louis Street to the north, North Broad Street to the east, and the Pontchartrain Expressway to the west. It’s a relatively large area and it also encompasses sub-neighborhoods, such as Faubourg St. John.

Choosing the type of place you’ll want to rent:

Biking, walking, or taking the streetcar around Mid City, you will see several styles of apartments for rent. Some are old and musty, some are renovated, and some are brand new. Typical apartment styles that appeal to many Mid City dwellers are:

  • Shotgun

    A shotgun house is a narrow rectangular domestic residence, usually no more than about 12 feet (3.5 m) wide, with rooms arranged one behind the other and doors at each end of the house.

  • Double Shotgun

    Double shotgun houses were a form of multiple-family housing, where essentially two conventional shotgun houses shared a central wall.

  • Creole Cottage

    ​1 1⁄2-story house with a gabled roof, the ridge of which is parallel to the street. The house normally has four squarish rooms with no hallways and is built up to the front property line.

  • Double Gallery Two Story

    Double-gallery houses are two-story houses with a side-gabled or hipped roof. The house is set back from the property line, and it has a covered two-story gallery which is framed and supported by columns supporting the entablature.

 I want to take a minute to discuss shotguns because a lot of out-of-towners aren’t familiar with them. True shotguns are set up where a person must walk through each room (minus the bathroom) to get to the next. They were built pre-A/C, and the airflow was amazing. It’s happened more than I would like to admit that I have walked through a shotgun to show potential tenants and the current dweller was hiding under the sheets, feet sticking out. It has both amused and scared the people looking. I just walk by and give them a little tickle - just kidding! Moving on from that, many times these homes are colorful and bright, and oh-so-welcoming. If your flavor is to test the waters first, then renting an apartment in Mid City New Orleans is the right way to go. Be warned: you will love it and want to buy. The choice is yours, and I am going to find you the perfect apartment in Mid City.

Living the life of a true New Orleanian

I love Mid City. And when you are renting an apartment in Mid City, I know you will too. There are so many wonderful things to do!

First, treat yourself to some coffee at The Bean Gallery and a shopping experience at Ricca’s to decorate your new (err probably old) apartment with a gorgeous stained glass window, or something for the garden. Speaking of gardens, Mid City shares with Lakeview the stunning City Park, which houses the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden. It is free and a must-see. You’ll also be able to hit Endymion, which will only be a walk or short bike ride away from anywhere you live. Make sure you yell “Throw Me Somethin’ Mister” to David Mora, a good friend and local photographer in the City who rides in it every year.

The Lafitte Greenway offers a biking and walking paved trail, fitness classes, and art classes throughout the year. However you want to spend your days in Mid City, it is sure to be fun.

Ready to start renting an apartment in Mid City?

Since reading this, I can only imagine you’re looking on my website right now and interested in renting an apartment in Mid City. Liz Wood Realty agents have you covered. Whether you live there already or are thinking about moving there now, we will help you figure out where the best apartment for you. Be certain that this neighborhood in New Orleans will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. Make sure to call us so that we can get you in your Mid City apartment right away.