buying a house in mid city

Buying a House in Mid City New Orleans


When prospective clients from out of town contact me about moving to New Orleans, my first step is asking a series of questions of which neighborhood is right for them to rent. If this sounds like you, check out my blog post on “Renting an Apartment in Mid City.” But if you know that buying a house in Mid City is right for you, let’s get down to business.

So Where is Mid City?

Mid City has by far been a favorite of mine to sell real estate. I have seen and helped so many people move to the area, and the mixture of folks who live there is a delight. Mid City’s boundaries are as follows: City Park Avenue, Toulouse Street, North Carrollton, Orleans Avenue, Bayou St. John and St. Louis Street to the north, North Broad Street to the east, and the Pontchartrain Expressway to the west. It’s a relatively large area and it also encompasses sub-neighborhoods, such as Faubourg St. John. If buying a house in Mid City New Orleans is next on your list of things to do, I am going to help you check that off your list. Mid City has a lot to offer, so let’s explore it.

What Style House is Right for You to Buy?

Driving, walking, taking the streetcar, or biking around Mid City, you will see several styles of houses. Some are new, some are old. Some are in disrepair, some have been renovated.  Typical styles that appeal to many Mid City dwellers are shotgun, double shotgun, cottages, and double gallery two-story homes. All of these descriptions are in my renting in Mid City blog. Many times these homes are colorful and bright, and oh-so-welcoming. If you’re considering buying in Mid City New Orleans, you may consider living in one side of a double shotgun and collecting rent on the other. Perhaps you’re looking for a renovation? There are plenty of beautiful old houses that need some TLC. Be warned: you will love it and it will most certainly become “home” quickly. You may actually never leave. Muahahahahaha!

Living Your Best  Mid City Life

After buying a house in Mid City New Orleans, there are so many wonderful opportunities to embark on in the Mid City neighborhood. First, treat yourself to some coffee and beignets and the beautiful Cafe du Monde in City Park. Plan a shopping experience at Ricca’s to furnish your new home with a gorgeous stained glass transom, or a beautiful old doorknob.  Shopping makes me hungry, so hitting Mopho for some amazing pho is a must. Wrapping up the day at Wrong Iron for a cold one is also a must-do, especially in nice weather. It’s right along the Lafitte Greenway so you can bike there on your own bike or rent a blue bike. However you want to spend your day, it can be done in Mid City.

Buying a House in Mid City? We're Your Team!


Since reading this, I can only imagine you’re looking for houses on my website right now. Whether you’re buying a house in Mid City New Orleans or renting, Liz Wood Realty agents have you covered. Whether you live there already or are thinking about moving there now, we will help you figure out where the best place for you is. This neighborhood in New Orleans will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. Make sure to call us so that we can get you in your Mid City residence right away.