buying a house in the irish channel

Buying a House in the Irish Channel


A Case Study with My Client, Joy

When out-of-towners contact me about moving to New Orleans, my first step is asking a series of sorting questions to determine which neighborhood may be right for them. I also get into their ideal budget, size of the house, off-street parking … you get the idea. In today’s blog post, I spotlight my friend Joy and our process for buying a house in the Irish Channel.

I love my friend Joy, and when she said she had to find a place in the Irish Channel for less than $400,000, I was determined to make this happen. I knew it would take some patience and perseverance, though, because the Irish Channel is HOT (i.e. housing stock is limited and pricing is no joke). It would also take a bit of “right place, right time” as well. Don’t get me wrong, if there’s a bargain out there, I can usually find it. But her requirements were definitely going to be a challenge. So, I had a conversation with Joy and we talked about her experience buying a house in the Irish Channel.

Liz: Joy, we’ve been friends for a long time, right? Is it okay for me to say you’re a little nutty?
Joy: What? Why?

Liz: Just kidding. But seriously, when you called and said you were interested in buying a house in the Irish Channel for less than $400,000, I was a little worried.
Joy: I knew that what I was paying in rent wouldn’t be able to be beat in a mortgage. My rent was insanely low, and it was going to take a special place and deal for me to move. I loved my place, loved the location, and knew I could stay there for a long time. I did start to get the itch to be a homeowner, though, because I wanted to build my financial portfolio. I decided that buying a house in the Irish Channel is what I wanted, but it would have to be a double – which was totally fine. I wanted to get rental income to help pay my mortgage, and also so that when I’m ready to buy a single-family home, I can keep the double as passive income. I read your blog that helped renters transition into buyers, and I was sold – pun definitely intended.

History of the Irish Channel

Liz: Do you know the boundaries of the Irish Channel?
Joy: Um, YES. I’ve been living near the Channel for a few years. It’s Tchoupitoulas Street, Toledano Street, Magazine Street, First Street, the Mississippi River and Napoleon Avenue. What I didn’t know, until we got serious about buying a house in the Irish Channel, is that Irish immigrants built it up and probably lived in the shotgun houses that are scattered throughout the blocks here. Also, there were breweries along Tchoup that the Irish worked in, much like the ones today: Port Orleans, NOLA Brewery, and Urban South.

Liz: I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the Old Egyptian Courthouse or not. It’s pretty awesome. And aside from the Egyptian Revival architecture, it used to be the courthouse and prison for this area when it was actually a town known as “Lafayette.” Now it’s being used as the Knights of Babylon’s float den – but it’s also for sale.

What Style House is Right for You to Buy?

Liz: Most of the buildings in the Irish Channel area are Greek Revival or Victorian style, but there are some Creole, Egyptian Revival and Italianate, too. Buildings in the district display an enormous variety of Victorian stock millwork. 

Joy: How do you know?

Liz: The details are concentrated on the front façade of residential buildings, so it’s easy to tell. But I am also officially an historic house specialist, thanks to the Preservation Resource Center. So, I know these things.

Living Your Best Irish Channel Life

I helped Joy in her pursuit in buying a house in the Irish Channel. I found her an off-market shotgun double that needed a bit of renovation. The house was exactly within her budget, and the renovation made the house’s value go up immediately. Now, she gets to live in a beautiful, newly renovated home that she purchased on her own. Did I mention I also found her a cat to adopt while house hunting for other clients – and a boyfriend? No? Yep, I sure did do that, and she couldn’t be happier. And that makes me happy.

Liz: Are you excited about the new digs? You’ve got shopping, restaurants, and breweries within walking distance. Turkey and the Wolf was named one of the most important restaurants in the Milky Way galaxy or something. It’s pretty far out. Am I getting too corny now with the puns?

Joy: I really couldn’t be happier. I’ve got the whole kit and caboodle. New house, perfect pet, and – so far – amazing boyfriend. This has been more than I bargained for. I’m over the moon!

I Helped My Friend, I Can Help You Too

Since reading this, I can only imagine you’re looking for houses on my website right now. Whether you’re buying a house in Irish Channel New Orleans or renting, Liz Wood Realty agents have you covered. No matter if you live there already or are thinking about moving there now, we will help you figure out the best place for you. This neighborhood in New Orleans will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. Make sure to call us so that we can get you in your Irish Channel home right away.